Some of my best childhood memories was visiting my momo & popo (grandmother & grandfather) knowing that they were going to have a feast of Cuban food waiting for us. My momo is the one who inspired me & taught me how to cook. When the family sat down to eat it looked like a level of Mario Kart. Only we were fighting to get the most tostones on our plates...

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It’s true what they say… “the Cayman Islands is paradise!” Living in Grand Cayman for two years was an absolute blessing. I got to experience living out of the country for the first time ever during my first....

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In the Lozano house we are pretty good about eating whole foods, but kale was one food my husband would NOT have. This man is the king of chips - hot cheetos, doritos, sunchips ... you name it...

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If I can give any advice to someone who is ready to settle down it would be, “marry your best friend.” Marry the person who makes you happy, angry, excited, who knows you inside & out, who goes out the way for you...


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These pallet coasters make such a sweet gift or that little added touch to your kitchen! My family and friends absolutely loved them and use them in their living room and kitchen. I personally customized mine to give it that rustic look with a pop of color!

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