Cayman Island Beach Spots

It’s true what they say… “the Cayman Islands is paradise!” Living in Grand Cayman for two years was an absolute blessing. I got to experience living out of the country for the first time ever during my first two years of marriage. Any time we had a bad day or ran into an obstacle we would always go on a walk on the beach. The beach to us was a promise of what God has in store for us. Beauty, joy, sunshine, and endless opportunities!

There are so many amazing beach spots on the island from miles of soft white sand or gorgeous rocky floors. In this post I’m going to share some of the places I loved spending my days after work or on the weekend. First up, at number 5 from my top 5 favorite beach spots is Cemetery Beach.

Cemetery Beach

This beach is top 5 on my list because you won’t need any bulky umbrellas or spending hours putting together a tent for shade. This beach is flourishing with huge trees just waiting for you to sit under with a beach chair. Cemetery Beach is also a very popular spot to go snorkeling!

Rum Point Beach

If you are visiting the Cayman Islands for vacation I would definitely recommend traveling to Rum Point. It’s approximately a 50 minute drive from any hotel on Seven Mile Beach. Several options to get to Rum Point: some hotels offer shuttles, you can take the ferry at Camana Bay, or you can rent a car.

I recommend renting a car because there are so many beautiful places to stop and take pictures of. Rum Point Beach doesn’t have much sand to lay out on, but they’ve set up a fun little plaza of restaurants, cabanas, and free chairs to lay out on. Just around the corner is Star Fish Point a shallow ocean floor with beautiful starfishes!

Blow Holes

This is a must go-to destination in Cayman. I suggest on your way or heading back from Rum Point Beach to stop at the Blow Holes. It’s amazing to see all the rock formations and how the ocean shoots out water from them! Funny story we got to close the ocean and a blow hole one time that it knocked us both down and almost lost our sandals in the ocean. It was hilarious because we looked ridiculous chasing our sandals, but scary because the ocean and rocks were very harsh that day. So please be advised and don’t go too close!

Seven Mile Beach

Oh Seven Mile Beach how I adore you! Seven Mile Beach is located near Camana Bay (the outdoor mall) and where all the hotels are. There are also numerous local walking paths to get to the beach in case you're not staying at a hotel. If you traveled to Cayman specifically for those white soft sandy beaches THIS is where you’ll be at! It’s an absolute sight to see.

Smith’s Cove

Smith’s Cove is number one on my list because of the variation this public beach has. Not only do you have gorgeous sandy spots to layout on Smith’s Cove has rocky cliffs to jump off from as well! Many locals and tourists come here to scuba dive and snorkel because of all the vibrant sea life.

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