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Dried Fruit Ornaments


Green Apples Red Apples Limes Lemons Grapefruits Pears Clear Glossy Glue Twine Toothpicks

How to Make

  1. Slice your fruit into thin slices. Put all the slices on a baking sheet + baking sheet paper and place it into the oven at 175 degrees. Bake for about 7 hours (monitor them to catch any that get burnt). Once they look slightly transparent and hard allow them to cool down for about an hour.

  2. Once they have cooled down brush each slice of fruit with the clear glossy glue (Gloss Mod Podge). After you've brushed all your fruit allow them to dry for about 30 minutes.

  3. Now with a toothpick you can puncture a hole into the tips of the fruit (give enough space so that the hole won't break). Then, insert the twine through the hole and tie the ends.

  4. Your dried fruit ornament are done are ready to be hung up on your Christmas tree!


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