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Momo's Cuban Flan

Brand Manual Breakdown & Analysis

To avoid confusing the client with various options, resulting in many revisions, my approach consists of creating one brand identity based on their branding questionnaire. I divide the manual into two parts. Part one consists of the development of the brand's identity. Part two consists of the application of the brand identity to visual elements.


Brand Identity

Brand identity is a set of visible elements like logo, design, and color that helps a brand stand out among its competitors in consumers’ minds. Your brand identity stems from your mission, brand value proposition, long-term goals, competitive position on the market, and relevance to the values and interests of the target audience. These factors have a foundational nature and, in the branding process, describe what a company wants to communicate.


Brand Application

In part two of a branding manual, you will see the brand identity come to life through logos, print branding, digital branding, and social media branding. You will learn how these assets can be applied in marketing/advertising your business.

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