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Olivia's Book Club

Dear Olivia Leandrea, your dada has a major obsession with books. Hence, the reason why your first birthday is your very first, of probably many, book clubs!

There is nothing more special than being a parent. The painful months of pregnancy, the fear of making mistakes, the endless sleepless nights, the hard daily life adjustments… it's oh so worth it. Because watching you grow up, learn new skills, seeing your beautiful smile every day, hearing your contagious giggle, and feeling your pure love is worth every second. Dada and I don’t know how to do life without you anymore! You are everything we wanted and more Livy girl.

Welcome To Olivia’s Book Club

As I said, Santi has an obsession with books and I couldn’t help but make Liv’s first birthday her very first book club. As soon as Santi suggested a “book theme” party the artist in me was just bursting to bring it into reality! We had a strict budget so I got really creative and crafty!


We got almost all of her birthday decorations off of the one-and-only Amazon. I went with an all-pink color scheme using all different shades of pink + a coral color. I purchased white scalloped bags, pink scalloped table cover, different colored balloons, balloon pump, and Loteria game to play with our guests!


From the get-go, I knew I wanted to build her some bookshelves & a number 1 piñata to stand in front of a wall full of balloons. I purchased a bunch of cardboard posters and hot glue sticks from Walmart to construct the shelves and piñata. To finish off I ordered 4 pink shades from Sherwin Williams for the shelves and ordered pink tissue paper off of Amazon.

Here are the colors I ordered for her bookshelves:


SW 6879 Daring

SW 6316 Rosy Outlook


SW 6592 Grenadine

SW 6976 Vanity Pink

Do-it-yourself projects are something I’ve loved doing since I was young. My mom could attest to my piles of “junk” or how I like to call them my treasure materials! So here I am 29 years old still collecting random things like Topo Chico bottles. And let me just say I’m so glad I did because these were perfect to create centerpieces for the tables!


The best part about being a designer is being able to custom-make her invitations, cake toppers, and an Instagram Selfie Poster! All super high-quality prints by Walmart Photo Center.


I’ve been dying to create an acrylic sign with Liv’s name on it for her room. The style I wanted for her party matches perfectly with her room decor. So it was a win-win! I printed my acrylic sign design & all of her book marker party favors through Got Print. If you're looking for acrylic signs I’d highly recommend this printing company. Not only does it look high-quality they have many shape options to choose from!


Last, but not least, you can’t do a party without delicious food and cake! I’m all about supporting amazing local businesses and I had to go with a business my family and I have been supporting for years. Bolillo’s Cafe catered for us and took my Mexican bowl + custom tacos idea and made it happen. Our guests loved the display and couldn’t wait to get seconds.

Cakeland, the sister company to Bolillo’s Cafe, made her beautiful cakes. We wanted a brushstroke style of cake for our guests and a smash cake for Liv. It was her first time eating cake and if she could she probably would have eaten it entirely!

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