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Pallet Coasters

These pallet coasters make such a sweet gift or that little added touch to your kitchen! My family and friends absolutely loved them and use them in their living room and kitchen. I personally customized mine to give it that rustic look with a pop of color!

So what are you waiting for? Get to crafting! Here's what you need to have and know in order to make these cute coasters:


Wooden Sticks

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks



Paint Brushes



  1. Open the package of the wooden sticks and gather 9 sticks. You're going to cut them in half to make 18 pieces. Cut off the round edges of each stick and discard the round edges.

  2. To construct the pallet coaster you'll only need 17 sticks out of the 18 sticks you cut. Lay out 7 sticks leaving about 1/2 an inch space in-between each stick. With your heated hot glue gun your going to place small dots of glue near the ends of each stick (tip: don't put the glue completely on the edge). Place one stick onto the drops of glue to begin creating the mid section of the pallet.

  3. Repeat the same process. Place small dots of glue in the mid section of each stick. Place another stick onto the drops of glue.

  4. Repeat the same process. Place small dots of glue on the other ends of each stick. Place another stick onto the drops of glue.

  5. Once the mid section is dry and sturdy you can begin gluing the remaining 7 sticks to the top. Place glue in the middle and both edges of a stick and place it horizontally.

6. Once you've glued all the sticks together let it completely dry until you continue to the painting stage. To recreate the rustic pallet coasters I created above you'll need grey, brown, tan, white, and baby blue paint.

7. First, you'll dip your paint brush in water without drying and use the brown or grey paint to create a stain. You should still be able to see the texture in the wooden sticks. Let it dry.

8. Next, with a dry brush you'll use the tan, white, or blue paint and create subtle brush strokes. Use one color at a time and make sure to let it dry before using another color.

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