Platanos Maduros

Tostones and platanos maduros are dishes that automatically remind me of my childhood. We would visit my momo and popo (grandma and grandpa) for dinner and it was 100% guaranteed that I would have tostones and platanos maduros waiting for me. They are dishes that make me a sentimental these days. Remembering my grandparents and the love they showed us through Cuban dishes.

If you read my journal entry about tostones, platanos maduros are the complete opposite. Tostones are a crunchier version of a French fry and are made when a plantain is still green. Platanos maduros, on the other hand, are soft, very sweet, and are made when a plantain has turned black. I think it’s quite amazing how you can either get a savory or sweet dish from just waiting on the plantains life span.

Regardless of it’s sweetness, platanos maduros are served as a side dish of your main plate and topped with a sprinkle of salt. Giving it that perfect sweet & salty balance!


  • Plantain (wait until the plantain has black spots everywhere)

  • Olive oil

  • Salt


  1. You want to begin by peeling the plantains peel. You can do this by cutting both edges off and making a slit down the plantain peel. This will allow you to peel it seamlessly.

  2. Cut the plantain in half. Then, cut those two pieces in half. You can fry them as is or cut them again so that they are nice and thin (reference images).

  3. Now to transfer your plantain to a medium pan with olive oil over medium heat. You want to place all of them plantains slices to the pan and allow them to fry until they are golden or they get a bit char (which is how I prefer them). Flip, until both sides are golden/char.

  4. Once, they are ready you can transfer them to a plate, sprinkle some salt, and serve!

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